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SEI Holding Group was founded in 2004 with a foundation of participating in key business events and activities that would make the largest impacts for our customers, our communities, and our employees. Over the years as the needs of organizations change, and our environments and our technological landscape changes, SEI adapted and expanded its holdings in other pertinent business models and to other industries.

SEI has been providing IT Management and Consulting services to many Fortune 100 companies. Whether it is to deliver Global Enterprise Resource planning solutions or designing a strategy to make organization operate more efficiently SEI has the resources it takes to help you deliver. Our IT Services group focuses on Program and Project management as well as a full suite of Enterprise Architectural Services, Testing and validation services, and Application development

Along the way we continued to expand in complimentary partnerships via providing Transaction Advisory services for organization undergoing Mergers & Acquisition activities. Having a seat at the table allowed our talent and years of experience to help drive any IT integration once the deal was closed.

We also expanded in non-complimentary business models by forming two lines of business, Real Estate and Accommodations as well as Transportation & Logistics . This allowed SEI and its employees to grow vertically as well as horizontally. It also eliminated the cyclicality of IT Services and dependencies on economic factors, budgets, and organization P&L’s.

Our latest major endeavor is a partnership with Amazon as a Delivery Service Provider, to provide Last Mile and Middle Mile services to Amazon customers. We are looking forward to growing this partnership and providing Amazon and their customers a great experience.

What’s in store for SEI next? One thing that’s for sure, our customers, and our world will continue to evolve and so will SEI !


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