Enterprise Resource Planning


Global Design, Implementation, and Deployment of an SAP ERP. From planning, to developing a governance organization, to compliance with SOX and GxP. SEI has multiple SAP LifeCycle implementations across every Region on the Globe. From delivery of localizations, legal, and statutory market requirement, master data management, application development, conversions, testing, and cutover activities, we do it all. We also provide Application Managed Services as well as Hosting services.

Oracle E-Business Suite

SEI has multiple Oracle e-Business LifeCycle implementations across EuAfme , Asia Pacific, Canada & Latin American regions. From Financials to Supply Chain to Manufacturing, as well as infrastructure capabilities to efficiently utilizing your database using advanced technologies like Oracle RAC, we do it all.

Other ERP Platforms

Whether you are a Small to Medium-sized business and the cost of SAP or Oracle is prohibitive or a large multi-national organization seeking a secondary ERP for your smaller markets, we can help. With a large range of ERPs to choose from, we can review the requirements and propose an ERP just right-sized for your organization. Examples of other more popular ERPs are Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle NetSuite, JDEdwards OneWorld, SUN Financials. We can help evaluate a fit and select the right ERP for you.